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Vienna Stadtpark

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Wien Stadtpark, Wien


Tram 2 to Weihburggasse (237yds)
U4 to Stadtpark (238yds)
U3 Tram 2 to Stubentor (301yds)
Vienna Stadtpark

The Vienna Stadtpark, or City Park, is located on the east side of the Ringstrasse, situated between Vienna's first and third districts. It was originally suggested during the demolition of the old city walls to create the well known Vienna Ringstrasse.

The Stadtpark, covering a space of over 6 hectares (16 acres), opened its doors in 1862, and is now one of the most used parts in Vienna.

The park is filled with statues and monuments to various people that have had a hand in shaping Vienna into what it is today. One of the most popular tourist attractions, and probably the most photographed, in the park is the golden statue of Johann Strauss II.

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The Kursalon is also located in this park. Originally it was designed as a spa, where people could drink mineral water with supposed healing properties. Today, the Kursalon is used to host concerts and balls.

The Wienfluss (in English - Vienna River) runs through the park, over which runs the Stadtparkbrüke that provides a link from the center of Vienna to the third district.

The Stadtpark has its own U-Bahn (Subway) station as well, which was designed by Otto Wagner which can be worth seeing even if you don't intend to take the subway!


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Kursalon in the Vienna Stadtpark

Kursalon in the Vienna Stadtpark
Vienna Stadtpark
Frankie Schubert statue in the Stadtpark
Johan Strauss Memorial in the Vienna stadtpark
Stadtpark Vienna
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