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Vienna Parks

Vienna offers visitors a number of different historical parks throughout the city.

From the once noble Volksgarten where a fee was required to enter, to the relatively new Donaupark, home of the highest structure in Vienna, the Donauturm, Vienna offers everyone the opportunity to relax and escape the city with ease.

Below are a list of Vienna's best parks. You can click on each one for more information.

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The Donaupark is one of the main city parks of Vienna, used by locals and tourists alike... read more >>
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Tram D Tram 1 Tram 2 to Stadiongasse

Tram D Tram J Tram 1 Tram 46 Tram 49 Tram 2 to Dr Karl-Renner-Ring

Tram 46 to Schmerlingplatz

Tram D Tram 1 to Rathausplatz

The Volksgarten was once a place for nobility to meet, listen to music and discuss Viennese life. Today it offers a quiet retreat away from the bustle of life in the Austrian Captial... read more >>
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Tram 2 to Weihburggasse

U4 to Stadtpark

U3 Tram 2 to Stubentor

The Vienna Stadtpark is one of Vienna's oldest and is full of statues and monuments to the important people in Vienna's past... read more >>
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