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St. Stephan's Cathedral

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Quick Info
1 Stephansplatz, Wien

Guided tours

Monday-Saturday: 10:30am and 3pm

Sunday and Holidays: 3pm

June to September also Saturdays at 7pm

+43 515 52 3526

Entrance is free.

Guided tours are €4 ($4.66)

U1 U3 to Stephansplatz (24yds)
U1 U4 Tram 2 Tram 1 to Schwedenplatz (573yds)
St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Probably one of Vienna's most recognizable symbols, St. Stephan's Cathedral, or Stephansdom in German, is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic and stands in the center of the Austrian capital.

The initial cathedral was built in 1137, although this initial house of worship has been transformed and renovated many times throughout the years before becoming the building that it is today.

The cathedral's size sets it apart from any other church in Vienna with its impressive spire reaching a height of 136m. It is possible to climb to the top of this spire, which results in an impressive view of the city of Vienna.

Inside a wealth of art treasures from centuries past can be found. A guided tour can be taken, during which these treasures are explained and can be viewed.

A number of tombs and crypts can also be found inside the Cathedral. In fact, this site was used as a burial ground as far back as Roman times, with remains being unearthed and dated to the 4th century AD.

St Stephan's Cathedral marks what most people would consider to be the center of Vienna. It lies on the busiest shopping street in the capital and can be reached easily with public transport from anywhere in Vienna.

Entry is free, although donations are asked for. As mentioned before, a tour can be taken for a small cost.


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Stephansdom Pulpit

Stephansdom Pulpit
Pulpit by Anton Pilgrim in Stephansdom Vienna
Stephansdom Pulpit
Stephansdom interior
Stephansdom interior
The impressive size of Stephansdom
Sculptures in Stephansdom
Over 200000 glazed tiles cover the roof of the Stephansdom
St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna
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