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Freyung 6 1010 Vienna
+43 1 534 98 - 600
U2 Tram D Tram 41 Tram 37 Tram 38 Tram 40 Tram 42 Tram 43 Tram 44 Tram 1 to Schottentor (297yds)
U3 to Herrengasse (336yds)

Although the name implies Scottish heritage and means Scottish Church, this parish church was originally constructed by Irish Benedictine monks. Since the early 15th century it has been run by German Benedictine monks.

Its origins go back to 1177 and throughout the years it has undergone several renovations. The original architecture was Gothic but today is predominately in the Baroque style.

The outside of the building is much more subdued than the interior. It has clean lines and a modest colour scheme. The sculpted niches on the walls contain intricate detail and the windows are surrounded by decorative stonework.

Once inside you are confronted by an extremely ornate interior, the ceilings are richly decorated and the Gothic altar immediately draws your attention. Everywhere you look there are carvings, cherubs, sculptures and paintings.

At first it may seem too busy and it is recommended to view a small area at one time. Do not overlook the ends of the pews as they are intricately carved and deserve a look. Particularly the carving on the arches and above the doorways should be noted.

This Church is a must see for fans of Baroque architecture. It is open from 7am to 9pm daily and there is no charge for visiting the church. You will generally find it is less busy than other more popular Vienna attractions and that makes a welcome change.


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