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Haydn's Wohnhaus

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Quick Info
Haydngasse 19, 1060 Wien

Tuesday to Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Closed on Mondays and public holidays

+43 1 596 13 07

Adults: €4 ($4.66)

Seniors: €3 ($3.49)

Children: €1.50 ($1.75)

Sundays: Free entry!

U3 to Zieglergasse (337yds)
Tram 5 to Mariahilfer Strasse (405yds)
Tram 6 Tram 18 to Mariahilfer Gürtel (540yds)
Tram 58 to Gerstnerstrasse/Westbahnhof (559yds)

Joesph Hayden was one of Austria's most famous composers, known by some as the "Father of the String Quartet". He spent much of his time as the court musician for the Hungarian Esterházy family, however Vienna was where the composer felt at home, and when he was in the city, he lived where the Haydn Wohnhaus museum stands today.

In this house, Haydn met with other masters such as Mozart to compose and play music, and in this apartment, Haydn taught to Beethoven. Between 1796 and 1798 he composed "Die Schöpfung" here, and then between 1799 and 1801 his most famous piece, "Die Jahreszeiten".

The apartment has been setup just as it was in the time of Haydn. Here you can find more information about the man, his friends and about his time in Vienna as well as some of his original works and one of his grand pianos.

There is also a section dedicated to Johannes Brahms, who is considered to have developed the classical style pioneered by Haydn to perfection.

A tip for visitors is that the museum has free entry on Sundays. Be aware that it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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