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Clock Museum (Uhrenmuseum)

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Clock Museum (Uhrenmuseum) Rating
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Quick Info
Schulhof 2, 1010 Wien

Tuesdays to Sundays: 10am - 6pm

Public Holidays: 10am - 6pm

Closed: New Years Day, 1st May and Christmas Day

+43 1 533 22 65

Adults: €4 ($4.66)

Concessions: €2 ($2.33)

School groups: €1 ($1.16)

Sundays are free!

U1 U3 to Stephansplatz (332yds)
Tram 1 to Salztorbrücke (563yds)
Tram D Tram 1 to Börse (682yds)

The Vienna Clock Museum, or Uhrenmuseum in German, houses around 1000 precious clocks, the oldest of which is almost 600 years old. In its prime, Austria was actually the leading clock maker in the world, and has created some of the most exquisite time pieces the world has seen.

The Clock Museum opened in 1921, the collection includes sundials, early chronometers and other clocks from the middle ages. It covers three floors, and all displayed with explanations of their age and their history. Unfortunately however, most of these placards are in German, which can make it difficult for international tourists.

Probably the most impressive piece is the astronomical clock by David Cajetano. Created in the 1800s, this clock shows solar and lunar eclipses world wide and will keep time until the year 9999.

The museum is located almost in the dead center of Vienna, not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral.


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