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Baden bei Wien

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Baden, Austria
S9 to Baden (0.51mi)
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Baden bei Wien is located approximately 25km from Vienna. It is a quiet, picturesque country town nestled adjacent to the Vienna woods. It is a place where, if you desire, you can get off the never ending merry-ground of fast paced sightseeing and indulge yourself in the pure luxury of some relaxation.

It is famous for its natural mineral laden, sulfur springs. Even in Roman times, the springs were renowned for their healing powers and this continues to the present day. Beethoven is said to have come here in the hope of curing his deafness. A plentiful supply of Health or Wellness centers are scattered throughout the town and surrounding countryside.

Baden bei Wien has attracted people throughout the ages, including Kings, Queens, Emperors and prominent members of the ruling society. It has and remains an inspirational place for artists, musicians and poets. It is much a more egalitarian society today and is visited by Austrian and international visitors alike.

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Not only do people come to experience the hot springs but to also enjoy the beauty, tranquility and historical aspects of this place. A particular type of architecture called Biedermeier is showcased in the town. Many of the town's buildings are painted in light airy colors mainly in creams and ocher. Newer buildings are also represented including the Strandbad from the Art Deco period. The town has a great many rich and elegant mansions due to its popularity with the ruling upper class of previous eras.

As you wander through the streets and surrounding countryside, you are immersed in the past. There are numerous interesting buildings including the Gothic St Stephen's Cathedral, the 100 year old Jubilaumsstadttheater, where live theater is performed in the latter part of the year. In the Hauptplatz, the main square, is an interesting monument called the Trinity column, which was erected in the early 1700s to commemorate the end of the plague and the Turkish incursions. Here you can also find several open markets. A leisurely stroll to the Grünner (Green) Market is a must.

The beauty of the buildings is equaled by that of the countryside, with Parkland vistas everywhere. The Rosarium is a must to see, with over 20,000 roses growing there. A visit to Kurpark park is recommended. It is beautifully landscaped with good views of the surrounding areas. An added bonus is Baden bei Wien's proximity to the Vienna Woods, which is networked throughout with walking trails, castles, palaces and abbeys. The Helenental valley is very popular with wine growing areas throughout the district.

After a wonderful day of sightseeing, the nightlife does not disappoint. A visit to a play or concert or, for those who have had their fill of these, a visit to the Casino Baden may be a welcome change.

Accommodation is generally of a high standard with many places to choose from. Transport from Vienna via bus, tram or train is very regular and direct. Once in the town, the best way to get around is by walking.


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Baden bei Wien

Baden bei Wien
Pestsaeule in Baden
Baden Austria
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