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Zlaty Strom

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Quick Info
Karlova 6, 110 00, Praha 1
+420 222 220 441
Tram 18 to Karlovy lázně (94yds)
Line A Tram 17 Tram 18 to Staroměstská (378yds)
Tram 9 Tram 17 Tram 21 Tram 22 Tram 6 Tram 18 to Národní divadlo (569yds)

The Zlaty Strom Club is a large dance club located not far from Wenceslas Square in the center of the city. It has two large dance floors located underground, with a high tech lighting and visual system incorporating a large number of LCD screens and LED lighting.

The drinks menu here is extensive. In total there are 5 bars, where you can order almost any cocktail imaginable as well as selecting from a choice of 60 different kinds of Vodka and 70 different kinds of Tequila.

Zlaty Strom Club also serves food 24 hours a day.

Although not a strip club, the bar does have topless dancers in some parts of the club. This is definitely not a club only for men though, and there is usually a good 50/50 gender mix here.

The club is located near the Charles Bridge, underneath a hotel bearing the same name.


Zlaty Strom Reviews

Rich Roberts, Paris


We ate there yesterday, Saturday Nov 6th. We were tired and thought that the restaurant, ideally placed, was a tourist trap. But we were tired so... There is an incredible 64 page color menu with one plate on every page and a beautiful full page photo of the plate, the text is in 6 to 8 languages (can't remember exactly) and the food ranges from hamburger, pasta, czech dishes ... everything. It was delicious! Well served. We took a risotto, chanterelles, chick and a peasant's mix with 3 beers. 31.50 euros. I recommend the place.

Joachim, Praha

I'm sorry for the double post, apperantly the degree sign is breaking the text on this page...

Nice club, but they have 2 types of beer. Staropramen 10 and Staropramen 11, which are almost the same in tast, but not in price. Normally the difference is 2-4 crowns, here it's almost doubling. 29 crowns for the 10-type and 70 for the 11-type (0,3cl). If you order in Czech, there is no problem, but if you order just "beer" in English, they'll give you the 11-type. So you should order "light beer" in order to get the 10-type for 29 crowns, what is a reasonable price for a club in the centre of Prague.

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