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Tlusta Koala

6.2 out of 10 from 23 user ratings (Been here? Rate this!)
Tlusta Koala Rating
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Quick Info
Senovážná ul. 8, 110 00 Prague 1

Monday to Saturday: 10am - 4am

Sunday: 3pm - 4am

+420 222 245 401
Tram 3 Tram 9 Tram 14 Tram 24 to Jindřišská (178yds)
Line B Tram 5 Tram 14 Tram 8 Tram 26 to Náměstí Republiky (268yds)

Located in the center of town, this pub seemed to want to be an Australian bar, but turned into something else.

Fosters is served on tap, but that's about where the Australian theme ends. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The bar serves a number of different beers and a reasonable price especially considering its central location. It is also possible to order decent pub food here.


Tlusta Koala Reviews

Tim, England

The Lonely Planet guide, being American, thinks it's "like an English pub". It's more like a benighted Cheers. An Englishman, tranquilised, transported from London to Prague, and slapped around the face with sal volatile in the Fat Koala, would immediately recognise a northern European brasserie cum bar.

Used by local, there is a selection of Czech beers, and wine (including Czech) by the glass and bottle. Food is good, and mainly Czech. Much-needed vegetarian succour is available in the form of a couple of salads, pasta, and the ubiquitous fried cheese. Given it's location, prices are astoundingly reasonable. Beware excitable groups of yoofs in the back room - you're quite welcome to eat in the bar area if you wish.

Every time we went the same barman was there. He was friendly, spoke English rather better than we spoke Czech, explained the menu and beers, and smiled. It seems Prague indigenes have their laughing glands removed at the age of 23, assuming they were unfortunate enough to be born with them. Ergo the barman of the Tlusta Koala is not indigenous. Nor is the bar particularly Aussie themed.

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