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St George’s Basilica

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Hrad I. nádvoří , 11900 Praha 1

April to October: 10am - 6pm

May to September: 10am - 7pm

June and July: 10am - 9pm

August: 10am - 8pm


St. George's Basilica is included in both tours below:

Prague Castle Tour (long)

Adults: 350Kč ($15.89)

Concessions: 175Kč ($7.95)

Family: 500Kč ($22.70)

Prague Castle Tour (short)

Adults: 250Kč ($11.35)

Concessions: 125Kč ($5.68)

Family: 300Kč ($13.62)

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Statue inside St George's Basilica and convent

St George Basilica can trace its history back to 920 when it was constructed under the rule of Vratislav I of Bohemia. As with so many ancient buildings, it has undergone several major changes throughout its history, with only the foundations of the original building remaining.

The first addition was in 973 when the convent was added and this was followed by a major rebuild after the fire of 1142. The result of these and other restorations has given the building a mix of different styles including Romanesque, baroque and gothic.

Two 12th century white towers dominate the outside of the Basilica and have been given the names Adam and Eve and make a stark contrast with the red painted baroque exterior. Other parts of the outer façades are a mixture of Baroque and Renaissance architecture.

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It has been used as a burial place for Bohemian rulers and significant religious identities including St Ludmila, who was the first Czech martyr, the wooden tomb of Vratislav I, which is ornately decorated in artwork from the 15th century and Boleslaus II of Bohemia.

There are several chapels within the Basilica including the Chapel of St. Ludmila where St. Ludmila is buried. It houses some of her relics. There is also St John's Chapel, dedicated to John of Nepomuk, the national saint of Bohemia. There is a picture of him located near the baroque altar which can be viewed.

Although it is the oldest church in Prague Castle and the second oldest church in Prague, it is no longer used for religious worship. In the 1970s, the convent section was taken over by the National Gallery and displays of old Bohemian art can be seen here.

The Basilica is beautifully preserved. Inside the narrow interior it tastefully displays a wide collection of sculptures, paintings, frescoes and carvings.

Its main function now is as a concert hall and the ambience of the Basilica mixed with the sounds of classical music is an event not to be missed.


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Statue inside St George's Basilica and convent

Statue inside St George's Basilica and convent
Interior of St. George
Statues on St. George's Basillica
St George's Basilica
Basilica of St. George
Monastery of St George, Prague Castle
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