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Prague Districts

Prague is divided into ten districts, numbered 1 to 10. Locals generally use the actual name of the districts, but for tourists it is very convenient to use their numerical names. Tourists are mainly interested in district 1, 2, 5 and 7 as these are historically and culturally significant.

Getting from one district to another is relatively stress free, as Prague has a well developed transport system including subways, trams, buses and trains. Take this into account when booking accommodation as it will generally be cheaper in those districts which are located away from the main tourist areas but still within easy reach of the center.

District 1 (Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Hradcany), incorporates the Old Town area which is right in the center of the city. It is the most popular area, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Major sites to see here include Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square in Nové Město (New Town), Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter. Each destination embraces the culture and history of this ancient city.

District 2 (Vinohrady), is also of historical significance as it includes the Vinohrady Castle, once a rival to Prague Castle. It is surrounded by hilly country, which gives spectacular views of Prague. Many up market residential homes are located here.

District 3 takes in the area of Zizkov, and includes many trendy pubs and restaurants. It also is the home of the Prague TV Tower, which gives panoramic views over Prague and surrounding areas.

District 4 is not generally visited by tourists as it comprises mainly of residential homes though visitors may be interested in some of the Communist architecture which dominates some areas here.

District 5, located along the Vltava River, is one of the largest districts and is home to several large shopping centers and hotels. Many of the buildings have undergone extensive revivals. It also has several good restaurants and a lively nightlife.

District 6 (Nove Mesto), is very close to the airport and is a very exclusive residential neighborhood. Several embassies and educational institutions are located here.

District 7 (Letna,Holešovice), is home to the largest park in Prague, Letenské sady, as well as a large soccer stadium. It is serviced well by public transport. Prague Zoo is also located in Holešovice.

District 8 (Florenc), has a large subway and bus station.

District 9 (Cerny Most, Letnany), has many public housing communist style buildings but also one of the biggest shopping centers, Letnany Centrum.

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