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Church of St. Nicolas

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Malostranské náměstí 1, 118 00 Praha 1

November to February: 9am - 4pm

March to October: 9am - 5pm


Adults: 70Kč ($3.18)

Students: 35Kč ($1.59)

Children under 10: Free

Tram 12 Tram 20 Tram 22 to Malostranské náměstí (92yds)
Line A Tram 12 Tram 18 Tram 22 Tram 1 Tram 8 Tram 20 to Malostranská (574yds)
St. Nicholas in Old Town

The Church of St Nicholas on the Old Town Square is a Baroque church dating back many hundreds of years.

First mentioned in 1273, it was taken over by Benedictine Monks in the 17th century, when it was almost completely burnt to the ground in a fire. At this point, the architect Kilian Dienzenhofer rebuilt the church in the Baroque style.

Dienzenhofer is also responsible for the Cathedral of St Nicolas in the Lesser Town. This cathedral is however only a few hundred years old, and not steeped in as much history as the original on the Old Town Square.

Under the rule of Josef II, the marvelous interior of the church was dismantled and mostly sold due to a decree that all churches not providing a social function should be shut. After its closure, the church was used for a number of purposes, as wide ranging as a store house to an administrative building.

At the end of the 19th century, the church was once again used for religious purposes when the Russian Orthodox Church renovated the building to its former glory.

The ceiling frescos in the church are one of its drawing card, with one of the largest in Europe detailing the life of St Nicholas and his accomplishments. It is often possible to walk up to the upstairs gallery to get a better look at these fantastic works of art.

The Baroque pipe organ that Mozart once played in the late 18th century still resides in the church on the upper floor above the entrance, below a giant fresco of the patron Saint of music - St Secila.

Today the church can be visited every day of the week, except when mass is being held. It is also used for classical music concerts in the same place that Mozart once played. During winter, the seats are heated, however it can still get cold inside so it's best to wrap up warm.

It is located just off the Old Town Square, where its striking white facade cannot be missed.


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Le Dieu de l Amour a été chassé de ce lieu. Les Hommes ont installé celui de l Argent. Mais ce sont tout de même de magnifiques endroits.



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