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Church of Our Lady Victorious

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Karmelitska 9, Praha 1

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

Monday to Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm

+420 2 5753 3646
Tram 12 Tram 22 Tram 20 to Hellichova (115yds)
Tram 6 Tram 9 Tram 12 Tram 20 Tram 22 to Újezd (341yds)
Inside the Church of our Lady Victorious

The Church of Our Lady Victorious was built in 1613 and was the first church to be constructed using baroque style architecture. This style of architecture was particularly popular in Prague in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It has changed hands several times throughout its history. Originally, it was designed for the German Lutherans and given the name Holy Trinity Church. Later in 1620, after the 'Battle of the White Mountain', the Carmelite monks took over and gave the church its present name in honor of the war victory. They also oversaw the rebuilding of the Church.

The church is famous for the Infant Jesus of Prague statue, made of wax and which was donated to the church by a Spaniard 1628. Many people believe it has special healing powers and that it also protected Prague from disease and war throughout the ages. Thousands of pilgrims flock to the church each year to view and pray in the presence of the statue.

The statue is made of wax and resides in its own altar to the right of the church. Over the years, people have donated gifts to it especially in the form of clothing. So many in fact, that an exhibition displaying the garments and accessories was opened.

Some are very valuable made from pure silk, gold thread and precious stones. One was made by Maria Teresa and is considered to be the most valuable. The nuns regularly change the statue's outfits to coincide with the church's special religious periods.

The interior is richly decorated and the main marble altar is a highlight. In the church tower there are three bells, two of which date back to the 1600s. In the basement, there is a crypt, not accessible to the public, where several hundred people are buried.

Both the interior and exterior of the church are noteworthy though many people seem only interested in the Prague Infant of Jesus statue.


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Church of our Lady Victorious

Church of our Lady Victorious
Church of our Lady Victorious Prague
Inside the Church of our Lady Victorious
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