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Astronomical Clock and Town Hall

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Astronomical Clock and Town Hall Rating
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Old Town Square, Prague 1

Monday: 11am - 6pm

Tuesday to Sunday: 9am - 6pm


Adults: 60Kč ($2.72)

Students/Children: 40Kč ($1.82)

Line A Tram 17 Tram 18 to Staroměstská (470yds)
Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock and the Town Hall are one of Prague's main tourist attractions. The clock and building date back to medieval times and both have undergone several changes and additions throughout the centuries.

The clock is located on the southern side of the Town Hall Tower, overlooking the picturesque Old Town Square. It was originally constructed in the early fourteen hundreds by Iohannes Andreae dictus Schindel, though there are many myths circulating as to the origins of the clock.

Initially it was used purely to display astronomical information, likened in many ways to a simple planetarium. The first addition was the calendar dial and gothic sculptures were added to the exterior. In the 17th century, moving statues were added.

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It consists of four main moving parts, the zodiac ring, the outer rotating ring and two icons representing the sun and the moon. The background represents a view of the earth's sky.

It has golden Roman numerals along its outer edge, below which are the 12 signs of the zodiac, placed there in 1865.

Every hour the clock comes alive with a performance that would fit into a scene in a horror movie. Firstly a small door opens and a figure representing Christ comes out, followed by his twelve apostles.

While this is happening, a skeleton representing death rings a bell and shakes his head at a statue of a Turk. The Turk is one of several figures who represent three of the seven deadly sins. They are Vanity, who stands admiring her reflection in a mirror, Greed who holds tightly onto his moneybag and the third represents Sloth who is enjoying himself with music and dance and not taking life seriously enough. At the end of this performance, a cockerel crows and the whole process is repeated every hour.

The Town Hall was originally much smaller and increased in size by buying adjacent private residences. Throughout its history it has been used as an administration centre for the city of Prague. It is possible to enter the building and purchase a ticket, which will allow you to climb to the top of the tower. It is well worth the climb as the view from the top is excellent. For those who are less energetic, there is an elevator to the top. The Town Hall now houses the Prague Tourist Information center.

During the Prague Uprising of World War II, the Nazis nearly burnt the town hall to the ground. The wooden sculptures were destroyed and extensive restoration work had to be carried out.


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Rollex, Paris

A must see in Prague, funny


Meydanda. Saat kulesine çık yakında charles\'ta bridge var.

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Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock
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