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Schleissheim Palace

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Schloss 1, 85764 Oberschleissheim

April - September: 9am - 6pm

October - March: 10am - 4pm

Closed on Mondays, New Years day and Christmas holidays


Combination ticket:

Adults: €6 ($6.99)

Concessions: €5 ($5.82)

Old Palace:

Adults: €2.50 ($2.91)

Concessions: €1.50 ($1.75)

New Palace:

Adults: €4 ($4.66)

Children: €3 ($3.49)

Lustheim Palace:

adults: €3 ($3.49)

Children: €2 ($2.33)

Pavilions: admission free

S1 to Oberschleissheim (0.6mi)
New Schleissheim Palace

The Schleissheim Palace complex actually consists of three different palaces - The Old Palace, the New Palace and Lustheim Palace. These are located on grounds of over 80 hectares.

The first was built in 1598, and was quite conservative in comparison to its later model. Today, the Old Palace is home to two museums, one titled "The religious year and its festivals" and the other "There once was a land". The first shows relics representing religious culture from around the world, and the second documents the history of East and West Prussia.

The new palace is relatively young being built at the start of the 18th century. It is however, the most impressive palace in the complex, with ornately decorated rooms, and outstanding examples of furniture of this era. Inside are a number of gallery rooms which contain baroque era masterpieces.

The third and final palace, Lustheim Palace, was commissioned in 1685 as a hunting lodge. Located about 1.5km away from the Old Palace, the palace offered good views of the nearby forest where hunts would take place.

The Schleissheim Palace is located in the Munich suburb of Oberschleissheim, but can be reached easily with the S1 line. From the station it is about a 15 minutes walk to the complex.

There are no regular guided tours of the palaces, however there is an audio guide for the New palace. The complex is closed on Mondays.


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