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Munich Oktoberfest

9.1 out of 10 from 44 user ratings (Been here? Rate this!)
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Quick Info
Theresienwiese, München

9am - 11pm every day during the festival. Käfer tent open until 1am.


Entrance is free. Reservations can be made well in advance, with cost being usually two beers and one half chicken per person.

End of September to the start of October
U5 U4 to Theresienwiese (295yds)
Bus 134 to Theresienhöhe (302yds)
Bus 58 to Georg-Hirth-Platz (533yds)
Hacker Pschorr Tent at the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is the largest and most renowned beer festival in the world. Over 6 million people visit the festival annually, and more than 7 million litres of beer, almost half a million chickens, and over 100 Oxes are consumed during the festival.

Held during the last two weeks of September and the first week of October, the festival normally runs for 16 days, but is sometimes extended if German Unity Day (a public holiday) is on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday following the usual end of the festival.

Six different Bavarian beers are served at the Oktoberfest - Paulaner, Löwenbräu, Augustiner, Hacker Pschorr, Hofbräu and Spaten. Each tent serves a specific one of these beers, so there is no choice within a certain tent. It is also possible to order soft drinks within the tents, and some tents offer a "Radler" which is a mix of Lemonade and Beer. Almost all drinks come in a 1 liter "maß", although it is sometimes possible to order soft drinks in smaller glasses. Some tents like the Hippodrome also serve Weissbier, which can be ordered in half litre amounts.

Hotel Seibel (329yds) from €49
Hotel Bavaria (447yds) from €84
GHOTEL hotel & living München-City (566yds) from €58
Four Points by Sheraton München Central (591yds) from €89
Hotel Munich City (605yds) from €38
Hotel Senator München (618yds) from €68
Hotel Fidelio (620yds) from €70
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The most popular food at the Oktoberfest is the half chicken. Costing about 9€, it is overpriced like much of the Oktoberfest, but something that everyone has to try. Other delicacies include Oxen, Pork Knuckle and of course Wurst (Sausages).

When planning a trip to the Oktoberfest, it is best to plan early.

During the festival, the city is completely booked out and finding a hotel can be incredibly difficult. Even if a hotel is found, it is normally much more expensive than at other times during the year.

If you are unable to find a free hotel, it is always possible to camp at Thalkirchen, a spot near the zoo south of Munich. This spot is rarely booked out, however can become full of drunk Australians and Kiwis enjoying the festival to its limits.


Munich Oktoberfest Reviews

Margery Blahnik, Hitchin, UK

We had the best time ever at the Oktoberfest. We met so many people from all around the world, and everyone was in a good mood. You couldn't do this in England, or everyone would just end up fighting each other! The day ended up costing quite a bit though, because we had to eat in the tent. We couldn't go outside to eat or we wouldn't have got back in. Apparently in the week days it isn't so busy, but on the weekend you have to get there really early to get in. We got there at 9:30 and just made it.

Jeff Clancy, Sydney, Australia

Everyone knows about the Oktoberfest. If you like beer, you simply have to go here at least once in your life. I thought it might be overhyped, but actually we had a really good time. We paid a fortune for accomodation though, but we booked at the last minute which I think was a bad idea. We met some guys there that were camping because they couldn't find anywhere to stay! It's pretty crazy, but has to be done.

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Wiesn Rides: Rides at the Wiesn

Wiesn Rides
Hacker Pschorr Tent
Hacker Pschorr Tent at the Oktoberfest
Augustiner Brau Tent
Ammer Tent Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Augustiner Tent
The Gloeckle Wirt
Braurosl Tent Oktoberfest
Schottenhamel Tent Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Braurosl
Heinz's Wurst und Hühnerbraterei
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