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The Star Flyer 48 at the north end of the grounds

Although many people don't realize it, the Oktoberfest is not only about beer. In reality, many people visit the grounds to enjoy the many rollercoasters and other such rides that are available for children as well as for adults who want to test their nerves on such rides as the Olympia Looping, Flip-Fly or the 35 meter high "The Tower".

Of course, it is better if you enjoy the rides before having a few liters of beer, although it can sometimes raise the fun factor after having a few brews. Keep in mind that vomiting on the rides is normally not very well received.

One attraction that is particular popular with those who have had a few beers is the Teufelsrad (Devil's wheel). Here visitors sit together on a round, rotating disc which progressively gets faster and faster. The last one to fall off is the winner. The entrance price is almost always worth it because after you have had your turn you can stay and watch the show unfold over and over again.

If you want a good view over the entire Oktoberfest, the Star Flyer 45 on the north east end of the grounds or the Ferris Wheel at the south end should fit the bill.

Rides generally cost between 3 and 8 euros, with a few very popular ones costing even more than this.

Every Tuesday is family day at the Oktoberfest and between the times of 12pm and 6pm many rides are discounted.


Oktoberfest rides at night

Oktoberfest rides at night
Rides at the Oktoberfest
Höllenblitz ride
Rides at night
The Star Flyer 48 at the north end of the grounds
Eurostar Rollercoaster
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