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Marienbrücke (Mary's Bridge)

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Hohenschwangau, Bavaria

Open whenever weather permits



Marienbrucke in Autumn

Marienbrücke (Mary's Bridge) is a bridge located near the famous Neuschwanstein castle in Hohenschwangau, Bavaria. Many tourists each year visit the bridge to get a good view of the castle, and take pictures of themselves with it in the background.

The bridge crosses a large gorge, with steep cliffs on both sides. Underneath runs a water fall from the surrounding mountains down into the valley.

The bridge itself is about 30 minutes walk away from the town of Hohenschwangau. The bridge can be crossed, and with a bit more walking up steep terrain, another famous lookout point for the castle can be reached.

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Sometimes in winter, when there is thick snow cover, the bridge can be hard to reach and can even be closed.

It is possible to walk first to the bridge, then to the castle, however at least one hour should be allocated to do this.


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DaSilva, Faro

Awesome! Espectacular!

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Marienbrucke in Autumn

Marienbrucke in Autumn
Waterfall from Marienbrucke
Waterfall from Marienbruecke
Marienbrucke in Winter
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