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Getting there

By Air

Munich International Airport is located about 35km away from the center of town. The airport itself is one of Europes largest, and the second largest in Germany after Frankfurt.

It is a hub for German airline Lufthansa, so direct flights are common even from long haul destinations.

Budget european airlines like easyJet, airberlin, TUIFly and Condor also fly from here from many European cities.

There are a number of ways to get from the airport to the Munich city center. The most often used way is with the train. There are two S-Bahn's running from the airport - the S1 and S8. Both run every 20 minutes, and they are synchronised so that that one leaves every 10 minutes. A single trip to Munich takes about 45 minutes and costs 9.20 euros for a single trip, or 10 euros for a day. A partner card can also be bought for 19 euros, which entitles up to 5 people to use the whole network for a day. For more information on fares, see the Transport section.

Other alternatives are Taxi, which is quicker than the train, but also much more expensive.

By Car

Munich has a world class system of roads both in the city and around it. Two ring roads, one around the center of the town, and one further out, ensure that even in peak hours, traffic runs relatively smoothly.

By Train

Munich's main station is called Hauptbahnhof, and is located quite centrally in the city. It is a large station with everything that entails, including travel agents, shops (that have special permission to open every day of the week) and restaurants.

There are good train connections from here to neighbouring countries, as well as places further afield.

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