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Getting Around

Munich Public Transport

Munich has one of the best public transport systems in the world, consisting of Trams, Buses, Regional Trains (S-Bahns) and 6 different subway (U-Bahn) lines.

The tariff system is complex and difficult for visitors to understand at first. There are 16 rings in total, however, these rings are also broken up into the inside zone (Innenraum - the innermost 4 rings, colored white), and then three further rings, each in 4 ring chunks.

To avoid any confusion, it is often best just to buy a day ticket for the zones that you want. If you just want the innermost ring and the next one, you can buy a Munich XXL ticket. If you need all zones except for the innermost one, you can buy an Aussenraum ticket.

The airport is in the furthest zone, so to get a day ticket here, you would need a ticket for the "Gesamtnetz" (whole network). A single ticket from the airport into town is almost the same price as a day ticket, so it is almost always worth just buying one for the whole day.

Almost all of the Attractions in Munich are in the "innenraum". A day ticket here will cost you 5 euros.

Munich transport is unified, so when you buy a day ticket, you are able to use all S-Bahns, U-Bahns, Buses and Trams within the area covered by the ticket.

Of particular interest to couples and groups is the "Partner Ticket". All day passes can be bought as a "Partner Ticket" which, unlike its name suggests, is valid for up to 5 people. Normally these tickets are slightly less than the cost of a single, and can work out very cost effective for groups of people.

There are no gates to pass through to validate your tickets in Munich. However, if you are caught without a valid ticket, you will be given a 40 euro fine. All tickets need to be stamped, which can be done at the entrance to train stations or on buses and trams. Without this stamp, they are as good as useless.

Public transport runs almost all day, although it stops at around 2am and starts again at 5am. There are however night buses that run all night.

If you want to travel further than the S-Bahn network it is necessary to take a Regional Train from one of Munich's main train stations (if in doubt, go to Hauptbahnhof). If you are travelling within Bavaria, you can buy a "Bayern Ticket" which gives you unlimited travel within Bavaria for a day for around 20 euros. There are also partner options for this ticket too.


Almost every road in Munich is lined with a bike path. Be careful to only ride in the direction of traffic on these bike paths, as police have stake outs and will fine you for going the other way. Make sure if you are riding at night that you have lights, because you will get a fine for that too.

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