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English Garden

9.3 out of 10 from 34 user ratings (Been here? Rate this!)
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Tram 17 to Paradiesstrasse (483yds)
Bus 54 to Chinesischer Turm (585yds)
U3 U6 to Universität (621yds)
Path English Garden

One of the largest city parks in the world, the English Garden in Munich offers Beer Gardens, lakes and the opportunity for recreational activities of any kind such as football, biking, horse back riding and sun bathing. If you walk around and feel like having a drink, stop over at the Chinese Tower, one of the biggest Beer Gardens in Munich.

An odd fact that sets the English Garden apart from other city parks is the fact that there is a designated FKK (Nudist) area within its borders. Here in the summer, many people strip off and enjoy the sun without clothes!

Golden Leaf Parkhotel im Lehel (828yds) from €63
Hotel Hauser an der Universität (875yds) from €92
Carlton Astoria (0.52mi) from €84
Hotel ADRIA München (0.52mi) from €84
Hilton Munich Park (0.55mi) from €104
Leonardo Boutique Hotel Munich (0.55mi) from €71
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English Garden Reviews

Jules Beisel, Stratford, UK

We hired bikes and rode through this park for the best part of a day. It is really huge! You can stop along the way at a number of beer gardens to get something to eat or to drink.

We saw people swimming in the river that goes through the park, but the current looked a little bit too strong for us and there were even signs saying not to swim. This didn't seem to deter these people though!

Lisa Sinden, London, UK

Near the Haus der Kunst, you can see people surfing on the river that goes through the English Garden pretty much all year around. This is something pretty unique to Munich and is really quite interesting!

Darryl Negley, Glasgow

We took a nice walk through the park when we were in Munich in July. We started near the Haus der Kunst, where there were people surfing on a small artifical wave on the river that goes through the park. We ended up walking up to Munchener Frieheit, which took about 60 minutes for us. When you're in the middle of the gardens, you tend to forget you're actually in a big city.

Peter Cross, Cardiff

The beer gardens here are the best we visited in Munich. We started at the Chinese Tower, then made our way to the Seehaus and then to the one even further north (I forget the name). Excellent day out.

David, Brisbane, Australia

This park is enormous. Great for an early morning jog!

Andrew, Dallas

Great park especially during good weather. Don\'t miss the Seehaus!

Bryce, Temple

We experienced the park on bikes (in early July) which is the best way to enjoy this park and Munich because you can cover so much ground in excellent weather!!! A highlight was stumbling upon Chinesischer Turm, where there was plenty of great food and music. Thank God for the bikes because we definitely ate too much. Awesome day out!

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