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Munich is famous for its Beer Gardens and beer halls and a trip wouldn't be complete without visited them.

The most famous beer hall is the Hofbräuhaus in the center of town. It has a rich history, and is always full of people having a Mass (1 liter) of beer, some Bavarian food and watching the traditional band that is always playing here. More information about the Hofbräuhaus can be found in the "Attractions" section.

Beer gardens are spread out all over town, however the most popular include:

More information about these Beer Gardens can be found in the "Attractions" section.

Munich also offers a wide range of clubs and bars to suit almost any taste. Some clubs allow people under 18 (but over 16) inside until a certain time. It is legal to drink beer and wine in Munich from the age of 16, and hard spirits from the age of 18. Normally ID's are not checked however, with the exception of certain clubs frequented by young people.

More information on Munich nightlife can be found in the "Entertainment" section.

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