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Blutenburg Castle (Schloss Blutenburg)

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Seldweg 15, 81247 München


April - September: 9am - 5pm

October - March: 10am - 4pm

+49 89 891 21 10


Bus 56 Bus 143 Bus 160 to Schloss Blutenburg (183yds)

Blutenburg Castle is located in west Munich, in the area of Obermenzing. It was built on the banks of the Würm, a river which feeds the famous Starnbergersee, in 1438 as a hunting lodge for Albert III, Duke of Bavaria. The castle was errected on the site of an older castle which was destroyed in a previous war.

The castle is enclosed by a wall, with four watch towers built around the perimeter.

Beside Blutenberg Castle is a gothic cathedral built in 1491. The original stained glass windows remain from this time period, and are a good example of an artwork that Germans excelled at this time. Along with these stained glass windows, the church contains other late Gothic masterpieces such as the Three Altars by Jan Polock.

The castle underwent extensive renovations at the start of the 1980s and now houses the International Youth Library, which contains literature for young people in over 100 different languages.

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The castle can be easily reached from the train station "Pasing" on the Munich transport network. This station is a central hub in Munich's west, and as such can be reached relatively quickly from anywhere in Munich and the surrounding area.


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Blutenburg: blutenburg castle in the winter

Blutenburg Castle Entrance
First Courtyard in Blutenburg Castle
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