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Beer Gardens

Seehaus English Garden

A trip to Munich wouldn't be complete without visiting a beer garden.

There are numerous Beer Gardens throughout the city, and no matter where you are, it's likely that there is one within walking distance.

The most famous beer garden in Munich is likely the Chinese Tower in the English Garden. However, just because it is the most famous, do not let this stop you from trying others. There are plenty of others, such as the Seehaus, the Hirschgarten and the Augustiner Keller just to name a few.

Note that in most Beer Gardens it is acceptable to bring your own food, however beer should always be bought from the beer garden itself.

Rating 2 Price 3
A quiet and family friendly beer garden located in the north of the English Garden, surrounded by forest... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 2
Ayinger is one of the smaller Munich breweries located in Aying, about 25 minutes south of Munich... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

Tram 18 Tram 19 to Holzapfelstrasse

Tram 18 Tram 19 to Schrenkstrasse

Tram 18 Tram 19 to Hermann-Lingg-Strasse

Lesser known than the famous Hofbräuhaus or Löwenbräukeller, the Augustiner Bräustuben serves up traditional Bavarian food and beer for a reasonable cost... read more >>
Rating 4 Price 1

Bus 54 to Chinesischer Turm

Bus 54 to Hirschauer Strasse

Tram 17 to Tivolistrasse

With seats for over 7000 people and located in the popular English Garden, the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) offers visitors a traditional Bavarian beer garden experience in the center of the Bavarian capital... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1
Munich's highest beer garden located on the Olympiaberg... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

Tram 16 Tram 17 S7 S1 S2 S4 S5 S6 S8 to Hackerbrücke

Tram 16 Tram 17 to Hopfenstrasse

Tram 18 Tram 19 to Hermann-Lingg-Strasse

One of Munich's oldest beer gardens can be found at the Augustinerkeller in Arnulfstrasse. Particularly popular when the sun is shining, here the visitor can expect a truly traditional Bavarian experience... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

Bus 144 to Osterwaldstrasse

The Seehaus is one of Munich's larger beer gardens and is situated in the northern section of the Englisher Garten... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

Bus 51 to Hirschgartenallee

Tram 16 Tram 17 to Kriemhildenstrasse

Named after the deer that have their home here, the Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in Munich.. read more >>
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