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Arnulfstrasse 52, 80335 München
+49 89 59 43 93
Tram 16 Tram 17 S7 S1 S2 S4 S5 S6 S8 to Hackerbrücke (236yds)
Tram 18 Tram 19 to Hermann-Lingg-Strasse (494yds)
Augustiner keller

Since 1812, the Augustinerkeller has been one of the most popular Bavarian restaurants in Munich. In addition to the restaurant, there is a large beer garden which is well visited by local residents during the warmer months.

In the 1800's, it was popular to visit the beer garden to observe the "beer bull", which used to bring the beer up from its cool storage place in the deep cellar of the premises. Although this process was stopped in 1891, the outside facade of the beer garden is exactly as it was back then.

The Augustinerkeller beer garden is one of the oldest in Munich. People can relax here under the old chestnut trees and drink a beer or eat a traditional Steckerlfisch (a fish on a skewer) or a "Hendl" (half a chicken).

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The Augustinerkeller should not be confused with the other two Augustiner beer houses in the city. The others are the Augustiner Bräustuben and the Augustiner Grossgäststätte in the center of the city on Kaufingerstr.

Be sure to try the "Edelstoff" beer which is still served from the traditional wooden cask.

Because of its location, history and size the beer garden can be particularly full in good weather. Although the beer garden is large, and getting a seat should not be a problem, it is advisable to arrive before 6pm if visiting on Friday evenings when the sun is shining.


Augustinerkeller Reviews

Terry Paterson, Bristol England

My wife and I have lived in Munich for a number of years and visit quite often Munich since leaving in 2007 and our traditional must do on our trip is to visit the AugustinerKeller after an exhausting day shopping! We are normally treated very well and enjoy the best beer in the world.

However, following are last visit on saturday 31st March 2012 we were very very poorly treated by the waiter, who cheated us on the beer order and charged extra for brezen which we never had.

My German or even a small amount of Bavarian is good enough after 27 years in and out of Germany to order a pint of beer, normally called ein helles. You can also order a kleines helles which is half a pint or 0,25 Litres beer.

When we ordered zwei helles he asked if we wanted gross I replied yes and we received a stein or Mass of beer which is 2 pints or 1 litre! We both objected to be told that is what we ordered rather than changing the order! We decided not to complain too much as the food had not arrived and he may do something to it! the food arrived which was very good and we enjoyed, except my wife struggled to enjoy drinking from a large glass and so asked him for a normal glass which he obstructed to but finally delivered so my wife poored her beer in the smaller glass.

At the final payment I declined to give him a tip and spoke too him in my best German to reminstrate what the differnces in size of beer and question what would be a kleines beer? 0,5 litre or a pint!

He never once apologised or wanted to change or assist us so I never tipped him. However, he slightly won due to the extra charge for the brezen which I failed to notice!

I'm very disappointed to write this and warn people that the usual tourist traps are there, the extra beer sold due to the Mass, the brezen never eaten and in general a stubborn German waiter. Please visit but with caution the waiters will rob you

Rupert, Munich

Been there many times and going again tonight. Service is a lottery, but usually you "win". What does "poored" and "riminstate" mean, Terry?

J, M

First time i visited today the Augustiner in the Kaufingerstrasse...i was shocked by the awful service, and the cheating tries to sell me a good Hax` was really a tourist trash, and after i have had complained, the chief arrived and continued the bad job!!..never try a good ,perfect Schweins-Hax`n ,go th "Hax`n-Bauer" behind the "Dallmayr`s"..its a difference like moon and sun..

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