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Quick Info
Old Harcourt Station, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2
+353 1 4763374
Green Line to Harcourt (22yds)
Live music at the Pod Dublin

PoD, an acronym for Place of Dance, is a renowned clubbing and live music venue that can be found in the bowels of the old railway station on Harcourt Street. It has been entertaining revelers and music fans since 1993 and over time has developed a reputation as one of Dublin's premiere nightspots.

It has the kind of atmospheric and cavernous feel that can only really be created by converting an old industrial-style building, but pulls this off in a chic and contemporary manner.

The 'cool-quotient' of the venue can easily be judged by the quality of DJs and live acts that appear there, and this would no-doubt be reinforced by the guest-list in the VIP room should you ever be lucky enough to get in.

Be aware that PoD does have a dress code on club nights, but assuming the door staff are happy with your sartorial efforts the drinks are priced fairly reasonably for the type of venue.

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