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Ha’penny Bridge

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2 Wellington Quay, Dublin
Red Line to Jervis (269yds)
Greystones - Howth Greystones - Malahide to Tara Street (663yds)
Ha'penny Bridge

The Ha'penny Bridge was constructed in 1816 and was the first pedestrian bridge to span the Liffey River. Up until then, ferries would transport people from one side to the other.

The bridge was constructed by William Walsh, the same person who operated the ferries. He had been given an ultimatum by the authorities to either improve the standard of his ferries or build a bridge. He chose the latter and, in order to compensate him for the loss of revenue from the ferries, he was allowed to charge a toll for users. This toll was initially set at half a penny which is how the common name of the bridge came about.

Although its original name was the Wellington Bridge, named after the Duke of Wellington, it was rarely called this and even when its name changed again to the Liffey Bridge, people still tended to call it the Ha'penny Bridge.

The toll ceased in 1919 and the turnstiles, which were located on either end of the bridge to collect the toll money, were dismantled. The bridge is a graceful structure, made out of cast iron. It has three beautiful lamps placed midway along its length which are supported on a wrought iron framework.

In 2001, the bridge was closed for extensive restoration work and was once again painted white as the original structure had been. The bridge is often used to identify Dublin and is very popular with locals and visitors.


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Ha'penny bridge at night

Ha'penny bridge at night
Ha'penny Bridge Dublin
Ha'penny Bridge
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