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Weekend Club

7.8 out of 10 from 17 user ratings (Been here? Rate this!)
Weekend Club Rating
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Quick Info
Alexanderplatz 5, 10178 Berlin
U2 U5 U8 S5 S7 S75 S9 M4 Tram M5 Tram TXL Bus to Alexanderplatz (U) (271yds)

Weekend is located on the 11th floor of a sky rise office block on Alexanderplatz.

The club is not quite as alternative as many other clubs in the area, and most of the clientele are from the smart and sophisticated crowd. That said, it is quite laid back inside, and the dress code is not particuarly strict.

The highlight is definitely the roof terrace, which gives great views over the city at night. The terrace has its own bar and music, and its possible to spend the whole night here if you want.

The door policy is generally ok, but if you turn up late when the club is already quite full, you might get turned away.


Weekend Club Reviews

John, Berlin

Es falso que sea ok el derecho de admisi

Daniel, Berlin

What a terrible night!! I have been living in Berlin for over a year now but I came to this place with my cousin because he was visiting from the USA and it was a Thursday night. First off all, what a sausage fest! 3 securities in the door and somehow there 70% were males in there. We order some drinks and the guy charged me 8 euros for each vodka...I thought it was insane but wth... I came later to get another drink and a different barman charges me 3 euros for the same drink!. So I talk to the people in the bar and complain but they basically tell me to fuck off. I then ask to speak to the manager and I explain everything to him, in German, and the guy just turns around and basically tells me to fuck off yet AGAIN. I dropped the manners and told him what kind of asshole runs a business this way, I am 27, not a kid with no money...Anyway I left the place, I'll never come back obviously. Btw the music, total crap, the DJ kept dropping the music.

Alan , UK

Hi have been here, I wouldnt advise anyone to go. The rooftop terrace is amazing, and the music is great if you are into minimal techno, but the atmosphere is that of general rudeness and anti-uk/american vibe. Nothing against people from Berlin, but most of the people who go here are pricks.

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