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Potsdamer Platz

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Potsdamerplatz, Berlin
U2 S1 S2 S25 M41 Bus M48 Bus to Potsdamer Platz Bhf (S+U) (109yds)
M48 Bus M85 Bus to Varian-Fry-Str. (190yds)
Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz, destroyed during World War 2 and left desolate during the Cold War, is once again one of the central hubs of Berlin. Here a variety of shops, cinemas and restaurants can be found in this renovated part of Berlin, which used to lie on the border of the English, American and Russian sections of Berlin.

Named after the city of Potsdam, which lies around 25km's south of Berlin, it marks the point where the old road from Potsdam intersected with the medieval wall around Berlin.

During the 1920's and 1930's, Postdamerplatz was one of the busiest squares in Europe, with many roads and train lines intersecting here.

The square was heavily damaged during World War 2, and became part of the border which split East and West Berlin. As such, during the time of the GDR, the square stood empty, although constantly under guard by GDR soldiers watching for any escape attempts over the border.

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After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, this space suddenly became usable again, and investors scrambled to get a piece of the action. In the end, Potsdamer Platz was divided up into 4 sections, each going to a different developer.

Today, the square is a mix of residential and commercial property. Here, visitors can find the Panoramapunkt (Viewing point), which stands 100m above the street below and gives a spectacular view over Berlin. Sony's European headquarters are also here, and this section of the square houses a shopping mall, IMAX cinema and a number of restaurants.

Potsdamerplatz has its own newly built underground train station which in itself houses even more shops and restaurants. Located directly in the city center, it is a part of Berlin that should not be missed.


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Emmy, Sweden

We visited the place because of the busy crossing...but forget that. The only interesting thing was the Sonybuilding, AT NIGHT!! Go in the eveningand you

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