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Quick Info
Panoramastrasse 1, 10178 Berlin

March until end of October: 9am until midnight

November until end of February: 10am until midnight

+49 30 242 33 33

Adults: €10 ($11.65)

Children up to 16: €5.50 ($6.40)

Children under 3: Free

M4 Tram M5 Tram to Alexanderplatz Bhf (S+U)/Gontardstr. (95yds)
M2 Tram to Alexanderplatz Bhf (S+U)/Dircksenstr. (202yds)
M48 Bus TXL Bus to Alexanderplatz Bhf (S+U)/Memhardstr. (287yds)

The Fernsehturm is the tallest building in Berlin, located near Alexanderplatz near the center of Berlin. It towers above the surrounding buildings and is visible from many parts of the city.

It was constructed in the late 1960s by the East German government who wanted to showcase their architectural skills and technology to their neighbors in Western Berlin. It is one of the tallest structures in Europe and took four years to complete.

Its original height was 365 meters but this rose to 369 meters when a new antenna was erected in the 1990s. Just over half way up, is a dome structure that is tiled in stainless steel. Visitors are welcome and a sightseeing platform is located 203 meters from the ground below. There is also a restaurant which is positioned slightly above the viewing platform.

The restaurant revolves, giving the visitor a 360 degree view of the city, with a full rotation taking approximately 30 minutes. There are two elevators which transfer the visitors, in about 40 seconds, from the ground to the viewing platform - be aware that your ears will most likely pop!


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