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Monuments and Memorials

Below you can find a list of Monuments and Memorials in Berlin

Rating 4 Price 2
A 70 meter high column in the Tiergarten giving excellent views over the city for a small cost... read more >>
Rating 4 Price 1

U6 M29 Bus to Kochstr. (U)/Checkpoint Charlie

M29 Bus to Charlottenstr.

Checkpoint Charlie was one of the symbols of the Cold War, separating the Allied controlled West Berlin from the Russian controlled East. .. read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

M10 Tram to Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

S1 S2 S25 M10 Tram Tram 12 to Nordbahnhof (S)

Tram 12 to Pappelplatz

This area became well known as a point where people would try to escape from East Berlin into West Berlin when the wall ran directly down this street. Today a memorial stands here to the people that lost their life due to the wall, as well as a Documentation Center where visitors can learn more about the street's history... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

M29 Bus to Wilhelmstr./Kochstr.

M48 Bus to Leipziger Str./Wilhelmstr.

M41 Bus to Abgeordnetenhaus

S1 S2 S25 M29 Bus M41 Bus to Anhalter Bahnhof (S)

A 200 meter section of the Berlin Wall listed as an historical monument.. read more >>
Rating 4 Price 1

U1 to Schlesisches Tor (U)

U1 M10 Tram to Warschauer Str. (S+U)

The East Side Gallery is an open air art gallery consisting of 106 paintings on a 1300m long section of the Berlin Wall. Although partly run down due to graffiti and vandalism, it acts as a memorial to freedom the world over... read more >>
Rating 5 Price 1

M85 Bus to Ebertstr.

S1 S2 S25 TXL Bus to Unter den Linden (S)

The Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining gate under which visitors to Berlin would have passed in medieval times. It is the symbol of Berlin, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the German Capital... read more >>
Rating 3 Price 1

M85 Bus to Platz der Republik

M85 Bus to Reichstag/Bundestag

M85 Bus to Ebertstr.

A massive, impressive structure covering an area greater that 20,000 square meters. The focal point is the bronze statue of a Soviet soldier symbolizing the Soviet’s victory over the Nazis... read more >>
Rating 5 Price 1

M85 Bus to Ebertstr.

S1 S2 S25 TXL Bus to Unter den Linden (S)

M41 Bus M85 Bus to Potsdamer Platz Bhf (S)/Vossstr.

An usual memorial constructed of different sized grey rectangular blocks set on undulating land... read more >>
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