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Berlin Districts

On your trip to Berlin, it's interesting to know the different districts of the city, as there is often a large contrast between them even if they are only a few blocks apart. Below is a description of the main districts that you are likely to visit on your trip to the capital.


Mitte is basically the center of Berlin. Historically, the city revolved around this district and as such you have some of the best museums and monuments in this area. This is the part of the city that never sleeps, and at night, Mitte can be more alive than it is during the day with an amazing range of restaurants and clubs.

Recently, the districts of Berlin were rearranged, and Mitte now also encompasses the old districts of Tiergarten and Wedding.


Schöneberg was the center of West Berlin during the cold war, and now incorporates the old district of Templehof to its south. Templehof is more suburban, and somewhat industrial to the old district of Schöneberg to the north.

For many years, Schöneberg was the center of gay Berlin, but now the area is more mixed. At the very north end of the district is KaDeWe, Berlin's most famous department store.


Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg used to be on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall, so until recently when they were merged, they had little in common with each other.

Now this district is one, and is a popular spot for Berlin's more alternative crowd. The old Kreuzberg district is particularly known for its high rate of Turkish immigrants. Although Kreuzberg has a high unemployment rate, recently the area has become more prosperous, mainly due to the fact that it is cheap to live in this area.

Prenzlauer Berg

Although previously part of East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is now one of the more expensive parts of the city to live. It isn't far from the city center, yet is definitely more toned down that Mitte. There are a number of trendy shops here, and it is a popular hang-out place for young people and artists.


Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is one of the wealthier districts of Berlin, and this can be seen on one of the main streets running through the district, Kurfürstendamm, which is lined with designer boutiques.

There are a number of attractions to see in Charlottenburg, including Schloss Charlottenburg, the Olympiastadion, The Story of Berlin, the Bröhan Museum and the Gedächtniskirche.

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