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Vroom & Dreesmann

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Quick Info
Spaklerweg 52, 1096 BA Amsterdam
Line 51 Line 53 Line 54 Night Bus 355 to Spaklerweg (341yds)
Line 50 Line 51 to Overamstel (696yds)

The initials V & D are short for Vroom and Dreesmann. The first store was opened in 1887 and its success fueled a chain of department stores scattered throughout the Netherlands.

If the prices on the up market PC Hoftstraat are just too expensive, then a trip to V & D will most probably suit your budget. The department store sells a wide variety of goods including clothing, stationary, home appliances and electrics, music, books and homewares. The shelves are well stocked and the service is good.

A large food area is located next to V & D called La Place. La Place covers several floors and includes a self-service restaurant, a good variety of quality food as well as local and international products. There is also an excellent bakery called Le Marche, which sells breads, chocolates and sweets.

The department store is open every day of the week though opening and closing times vary depending on the day. Late night shopping is on Thursday with the store closing at 9pm and on Sundays they do not open until midday and close at 6pm.


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