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Munttoren – the Mint Tower

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Muntplein, Amsterdam
Tram 4 Tram 9 Tram 14 Tram 16 Tram 24 Tram 25 Night Bus 355 Night Bus 357 to Muntplein (85yds)

Munttoren or the Mint Tower dates from the 15th century. It is the only remaining part of the original gates which stood as the entrance to Amsterdam when it was a walled city.

It has undergone reconstruction over the centuries with the upper part, including the spire and the octagonal structure, added in 1620s. Bells were added in the middle of the 17th century though these have also been modified and changed over the years, with the original bells now housed in the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Try to be within hearing distance on a Saturday between 2pm and 3pm when a concert is held using the bells.

At one stage, the tower was used as a mint during the time of French occupation in the 17th century and, as a result, it was given the name Mint Tower. At the time, money was minted here for security reasons, as it was too dangerous to transport the raw ingredients to the usual Mint suppliers.

The tower is situated near the Amstel River, next to the flower market. There is no admission fee and can be visited 24 hours a day.


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