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Getting There

There are a variety of ways to travel to Amsterdam. For those living further afield, airplane or train are probably the most convenient. Many airlines offer reasonably priced tickets depending on the time of day and year you are traveling. Most countries offer direct flights into Amsterdam.

Both domestic and international flights arrive at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. The main Dutch airline is called KLM Royal Dutch Airlines though airlines from all over the world arrive and depart from here. From the airport, a well integrated public transport system will ferry you to your final destination. Schiphol is the fourth largest airport in Europe and is situated approximately 20 kilometers south west of the city center.

Many people prefer to travel by train, especially if the distance is not too long. There are intercity connections between Amsterdam and other major cities of Europe as well as other cities within the Netherlands. The main station, Centraal Station, is located very close to the city center. The trains are well presented, modern and fast. Most train tickets for longer journeys need to be reserved in advance.

International buses arrive at the bus terminal near Amstel Station and visitors can then connect to other public transport systems such as buses, trams or taxis.

Although some people arrive by car, the city center is not car friendly and you would be advised to leave you car on the outskirts and travel into the city via public transport. There are several park and ride facilities outside the city center which offer free travel on the Metro included in the parking price.

Another method of arrival is by cruise ship that will dock at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Peit Heinkade 27. This is very close to Centraal Station.

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