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Castles and Cathedrals

Below you can find a list of the Castles and Cathedrals in Amsterdam.

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Tram 1 Tram 2 Tram 5 Tram 13 Tram 14 Tram 17 Night Bus 352 Night Bus 354 Night Bus 358 to Dam (Raadhuisstraat)

Tram 4 Tram 9 Tram 16 Tram 24 Tram 25 Night Bus 355 Night Bus 357 to Dam

It originally was used as the City Hall and converted to a Royal Palace when Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, became King of Holland in 1806... read more >>
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Part of the National Museum. It has been well restored and furnished in the period of the 17th century... read more >>
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