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Amsterdam Torture Museum

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Amsterdam Torture Museum Rating
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Quick Info
Singel 449, Amsterdam

Daily 10am - 11pm

+31 20 430 6642

Adults: €5 ($5.82)

Children: €3.50 ($4.08)

Tram 1 Tram 2 Tram 5 to Koningsplein (105yds)
Tram 4 Tram 9 Tram 14 Tram 16 Tram 24 Tram 25 Night Bus 355 Night Bus 357 to Muntplein (232yds)
Torture devices

A visit to the Amsterdam Torture Museum certainly makes for an interesting, if not slightly morbid outing.

The museum features a vast array of medieval to more modern instruments of torture, ranging from the gruesome to the shocking. The displays track the history of human punishment, and show you how criminals were brought to "justice" in times gone by.

Items on display include a Guillotine, a rather sinister Skull-Cracker, a Heretic Fork and a host of other menacing constructions. Most of the items are touchable, and it is possible to take a picture of a relative or friend with their head in the guillotine – if they are brave enough of course.

Most of the information regarding the displays is provided on a guide sheet when you arrive. These guides are available in most languages, making the exhibits accessible to people from all countries.

The museum does not take itself too seriously, with some displays offering an element of humor. However, there are some very graphic paintings of the items being used across some of the exhibits, which may not be suitable for younger children.

The museum offers something a little different to everything else available in Amsterdam, and is of interest to those who enjoy history or perhaps have a slightly macabre sense of humor.


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Torture Museum

Torture Museum
Torture Museum
Iron Maiden inside the Torture Museum
Torture devices
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