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Terms and Conditions

Online-Streitbeilegung: Zur Beilegung einer Streitigkeit haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung – – der EU-Kommission zu nutzen.

  • and all its related country sites provide information about various world wide destinations as well as providing links to external sites and booking agencies. Your use of this site is bound by the terms and conditions listed below.
  • The use of this site is governed by the following Terms and Conditions. Before using this site, please read all the information below. If you do not agree with any part of the following document, then you may not use or access this site any further.
  • Cityscouter may change or add sections to this page at any time. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you read these terms and conditions regularly.
  • Cityscouter does not guarantee that the site will be error free or be able to be used uninterrupted at all times.
  • You accept that Cityscouter has no control over any third party links or content within the site, and neither necessarily endorses nor approves of content on any linked site.
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  • All information provided on this site on an "as is" basis. Although all reasonable attempts are made to provide up-to-date, accurate information, the validity and correctness of information found within this site is not guaranteed by Cityscouter.
  • All currency conversions are approximate and no guarantee is made of their accuracy.
  • In no event will the administrators of Cityscouter be held accountable for any loss, monetary or otherwise, that has occurred in connection with the use of information held within this site.
  • In addition, in no event will the administrators of Cityscouter be held accountable for any loss, monetary or otherwise, that has occurred through the use or purchase of any service offered through this website.
  • All distances quoted on this website are measured as "line of sight", and are given as a guide only
  • All prices and services are subject to change without notice.
  • You agree that you will not use this site for any unlawful activity or anything that is prohibited by these terms and conditions.
  • In addition to the terms and conditions above, the extra conditions on our Imprint page also apply
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