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NH Berlin Alexanderplatz

4 StarPreferred Hotel
Landsberger Allee 26 - 32, Berlin - »» 10 Guest Reviews ««

NH Berlin Alexanderplatz
The NH Berlin Alexanderplatz is a 4 star rated hotel located in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg approximately 2.5 miles from the Berlin city center.

Rates from just €87 per room per night.


This 4-star hotel is located opposite the Volkspark Friedrichshain park in Berlin, a 9-minute tram ride from Alexanderplatz Square.

The NH offers air-conditioned rooms, an international restaurant and a green terrace.

The spacious rooms at the NH Berlin Alexanderplatz feature modern décor. All rooms include cable TV, video games and a modern bathroom.

Free Wi-Fi is provided in the whole hotel.

International cuisine and German specialities are served in the NH Berlin’s first-floor restaurant, which is furnished with glass panels and leather seating. The classic-style bar has a large drinks menu. Meals and drinks can be enjoyed on the terrace in warmer months.

Klinikum am Friedrichshain tram stop is 250 metres from hotel.

From here, direct trams run to Alexanderplatz.

Strausberger Platz Underground Station is just 800 metres from the NH.

Secure parking spaces are available in the NH Alexanderplatz’s underground parking garage.

Late check-out is available free of charge on Sundays until 17:00.

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NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 2
NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 3
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NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 5
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NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 30
NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 31
NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 32
NH Berlin Alexanderplatz 33
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Nearby Attractions

There are many attractions near this hotel, the closest of which being the Karl-Marx-Allee which is little more than an approximate 8 minute walk away.

Other attractions, such as the Nightlife: Geburtstagsklub, Nightlife: Knaack Klub, Nightlife: Magnet Club and Nightlife: Berghain are all within 1.5 miles of this hotel. The Nightlife: Berghain is one of the must see sights in Berlin, with a 5 star rating from our reporters.

See the list below for all attractions and their distance from the NH Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Nearby Restaurants

There are no known restaurants near this hotel. Please contact the hotel directly for more details.

Nearby Public Transport

Within 1000 meters of this hotel are a number of stations (Strausberger Platz (U) and Landsberger Allee/Petersburger Str.), giving access to the M10 Tram, M6 Tram, M8 Tram and U5 lines.

The quickest way to get to the city center (taken as Brandenburg Gate) from the NH Berlin Alexanderplatz is as follows. Walk approximately 11 minutes towards Landsberger Allee/Petersburger Str.. You should travel 5 stops from Landsberger Allee/Petersburger Str. on the M10 Tram towards Warschauer Str. (S+U) to reach Warschauer Str. (S) (8 minutes). Then travel 5 stops from Warschauer Str. (S) on the S7, S75, S9 or S5 towards Charlottenburg (S) to Friedrichstr. Bhf (S+U) (10 minutes). Finally travel 1 stop from Friedrichstr. Bhf (S+U) on the S2, S25 or S1 towards Wannsee Bhf (S) to your end station, Unter den Linden (S) (2 minutes). The downtown city center is approximately 2 minutes walk away from here.

Approximate total journey time (including changes/connection times/walking time): 42 minutes


NH Berlin Alexanderplatz Reviews

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Nearby Attractions
(Approximately 603yds away)
Karl Marx Allee is an large, impressive avenue near the center of Berlin
Nightlife: Geburtstagsklub
Nightlife: Geburtstagsklub
(Approximately 0.65mi away)
Techno/Electro club in East Berlin
Nightlife: Knaack Klub
Nightlife: Knaack Klub
Nightlife: Knaack Klub
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60s/70s themed dance club
Nightlife: Berghain
Nightlife: Berghain
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If you only visit one club in Berlin, Berghain should be it
Nighitlife: Weekend
Nighitlife: Weekend
Nighitlife: Weekend
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Nightlife: Weekend
Nightlife: Weekend
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Best roof terrace and view in the city
Nightlife: Club Maria
Nightlife: Club Maria
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Electro live acts near Ostbahnhof
Nightlife: Roadrunners Paradise
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This converted motorbike workshop is now a well known Berlin club
Shopping: Alexa Centre
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Fernsehturm is a prominent tower located near Alexanderplatz.
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Cowboy themed bar in Prenzlauer Berg
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Known as one of the best clubs in Germany
Please note: Information was correct at the time of publishing but can change without notice. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.