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City: Dublin

Red Line to Abbey Street

Red Line to Jervis

Greystones - Howth Greystones - Malahide to Pearse Street

Greystones - Howth Greystones - Malahide to Tara Street

The famous Book of Kells can be found in the Trinity College's Old Library. It is one of the main attractions in the city and certainly something you should try to see on your trip to Dublin. This beautiful, ancient book was composed by Celtic monks in 800 AD and consists of both drawings and intricately fashioned calligraphy. Trinity College has been its home since the 17th century.

The main text of the book is the four gospels of the New Testament but also included are prefaces, canon tables and summaries. The text is written in Latin and detailed drawings appear throughout the book.

It is actually four books, consisting of 680 pages, but only two are on... read more

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