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Name: Berghain
City: Berlin

M10 Tram to Grünberger Str./Warschauer Str.

S3 S5 S7 S75 S9 to Ostbahnhof (S)

U5 to Strausberger Platz (U)

U5 to Weberwiese (U)

Berghain is possibly Berlin's best known club, and as such has one of the most strict door policies in the city.

The club is set in an old power plant in Friedrichshain that has been renovated extensively.

Although by no means an exclusive gay club, the gay scene definitely has somewhat of a second home in Berghain.

The club is split into two quite separate areas - the Panoramabar on the second floor, and Berghain itself on the lower level. Top DJs often play up top, whereas the lower floor is full of dark rooms and tends to be more of the gay scene with techno/electro music.

Although the reputation of the bar is high, drink prices here are still reasonable and only a little more than the Berlin average.

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