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City: Dublin

Red Line to Abbey Street

Red Line to Busáras

Red Line to Jervis

Greystones - Howth Greystones - Malahide to Tara Street

Every capital city should have some kind of symbol, an icon that represents it and is recognizable around the world. This would certainly seem to be the motivation behind the Spire of Dublin, also known as the Monument of Light.

It is the kind of architectural-scale art installation that almost seems to have been designed with how it will look on a postcard in mind.

The Spire stands at around 120 meters (400 feet) high making it Dublin's tallest structure by far, so you are unlikely to spend very long in Dublin city centre without noticing it. Known colloquially as the Millennium Spire, as it was initially intended for completion to coincide with the end-of-century celebrations, the monument sits... read more

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